hunger facts..

World Hunger and Poverty: How They Fit Together

  • 1.02 billion people across the world are hungry. 1
  • Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds. 2
  • In essence, hunger is the most extreme form of poverty, where individuals or families cannot afford to meet their most basic need for food. 3

I thought it would be appropriate to talk about HUNGER.  As you can see, many are hungry around the world.  Many in our nation are hungry.  Many in our own city are hungry.  I, too….am one of those hungry people.

Last night we were INVITED to go to a lovely dinner.  Oh the excitement, getting prepared for the night!  I shopped during the day to be sure that I had the PERFECT dress and perfect shoes.  If I had made an appointment earlier I would have had my hair arranged in the most perfect coif.  Everything would be perfect.

Let’s back up.  We were enjoying ourselves in La Jolla over the weekend and that is when we received an URGENT text to “hurry back to Phoenix for the dinner of a lifetime”.  Why sure!  We’d LOVE to go to Tommy Bahama’s restaurant!  So we cancelled massages, reservations in the gym and returned our pool towels to pack and return back home.  Our hostess, Peggy had proposed a flawless dinner for 8.

The 6 hour drive from California felt like but a moment because we were so captured by this particular evening.  During the afternoon, of the dinner, I decided not to gorge myself on a meal.  I was going to wait and have  a meal that would end all meals.  It was going to be incredible.

Once we gathered at the restaurant I was giddy from the buzz in the room.  Dishes were being passed to friendly faces and everywhere there were the sounds of forks and knives touching the plates like a symphony beginning to commence.  It was magical.

We ordered our food and waited eagerly.  The waiter seemed friendly enough, although I don’t believe he ever looked me in the eye when he spoke.  I shook my head knowing that he didn’t despise me.  Why, he doesn’t even KNOW me, I thought.  But when each person at the table received their meal…and I was left with a gaping hole (where my plate should have been) I began to suspect his motives.  Ten minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes went by and still….nothing.  I glanced at my reflection in the water glass (empty water glass..) and saw that my hair was still smooth, my lipstick still intact yet there was a rumbling in my stomach.  I never received my food.  I was never allowed to join in the festivities that my friends were sharing.  I sat alone.  Dehydrated.  Void of emotion.

Remember the old nursery rhyme?  It makes so much sense to me now.


I’ve seen hunger.  I’ve looked the beast in the eye and it isn’t pretty.  I’m beginning to understand soup kitchens and food stamps.

This graph represents something, I’m just sure.

nteractive Data: U.S. Hunger

Food Insecurity Trends Nationally

I am somewhere on that graph.  That graph is where I live…..alone and hungry.  THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE……..

2 thoughts on “hunger facts..

  1. Peggy Stewart

    Stu said, “I thought Erma Bombeck had gone to Writer’s Heaven.” This should be published. Perhaps you could send it to Tommy Bahama’s. They would probably frame it and hang it on the wall.


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