I must say that my life must be going pretty smooooooth right now since the biggest struggle I have encountered today is which side to part my hair on.  If that is going to be the ‘end all tussle’ today, then I believe that I’m going to be just fine.

Most people react differently to adversity.  Unfortunately (at times) I find the humor in it.  I remember when the kids were younger and we lived in our perfect little house on Flower Street.  The boys hated it because when we first moved in the house was painted pink.  They couldn’t imagine living in a pink house on Flower Street.

We bought a beautiful, shiny washer and dryer for this house.  Oh it was supposed to be faultless.  We had it installed and I couldn’t wait for a load of laundry.  After digging around everyones bedroom I finally came up with a partial load.  Ahh….now to sit back and watch these wonders from Sweden do their work.

Long story short…..they were quite inferior.  The whites came out gray and the colors came out colorless.  We had decided that they had to go.  So Chris (about 17 at the time) and I decided to load them up on Jimmy’s truck.  Wait.  Let’s go back.  WE were going to load them up on Jimmy’s LIFTED truck??  What were we thinking?  We got one of the appliances up on the truck by sheer magic and the other was more of the challenge.  I can’t remember which is which but that ONE of them was heavier than the other.  Chris was standing up in the bed of the truck and I was below in ‘shoving’ mode.  We got it up to the top of the tailgate and that’s when something happened.  In slow motion Chris let go and I stopped shoving…….and the beautiful, shiny, stainless piece of junk fell to the driveway, putting a huge dent in it.  Well, something in me snapped and I started laughing!  Chris was frozen and I just couldn’t help myself.  He was so scared because all he could think of was what his dad was going to do!!  All I could think of was how funny he looked !  Eventually he started to let out a little snort but I don’t think it was laughter.  After I composed myself, I told him not to worry that I would take all the blame.  We found a hammer and started pounding out the dent and soon it was……well, it was still bad but we HOPED that we could still return them for credit.  As it turned out we were able to return the washer/dryer and get a REAL washer and dryer from SEARS.

All turned out okay but he still remembers the panic that he felt when that appliance fell.  COME ON, I tell him….IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!  Since it has been 13 years we can laugh a little harder about it but it’s just the little optimist in me that saw something funny.





The key is to be able to smile at anything!  Or laugh at everything!!  And  not to worry when you can’t figure out what side to part your hair on!!!  😉

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