It is always so much fun when my husband says, “Wanna go to California this weekend?”  DUH??  Of course I want to go!!  So we did.

We decided to go to La Jolla since everything was booked up on Coronado Island.  Our most favorite hotel in La Jolla is the La Valencia Hotel.  Yes, it is also the most expensive hotel EVER….but it is THE most relaxing hotel, also.  We got a king-size suite for my king-size luggage….a girl just never knows what to pack….And our views of the ocean were fabulous!

Yes, as a matter of fact that IS room service on the table there…..yummmmm…….We went to the pool the first day and even though it was cloudy, we sat on our chaise loungers like the sun was out full force!  But, alas….it was a teeny bit drizzly.  So obviously that was a reason to walk into the town and SHOP!!  But first, here is the beautiful pool area..

So, since it was a bit chilly….I left my sundress on and wore a teeny hat….

I think the best part of the trip….other than the food and the pool and the mattress and the shopping…..was a beautiful wedding that we got to witness!

A lovely young asian couple were getting married and we had courtside seats.  Ok.  Not exactly courtside, but we could see them and I got to take some pretty neat pictures!  Sure, that could be a tad bit creepy for them….with a sunbather taking photos of their special day, but HEY!  I guess they should have thought of that beforehand.  I was nice enough to send them to the hotel to give to the new couple … so I feel better…

What was really beautiful was when the minister told the wedding party to “Look toward the ocean…for when you do, something magical happens.”  (Yes, I could hear everything he was saying and wasn’t hiding behind the shrubbery)

So basically I now look like a stalker….or just voyeuristic.  BUT!!!  Being the nice girl that I am (insert applause here) I sent the pictures to the hotel to give to the unknowing couple.  Yes, they will first be freaked out…but then they will see the ‘magical’ look on her face and be blissfully happy that SOMEBODY thought to take a picture from that direction.  So……as you can see…..I’m handy to have around sometimes.  Very handy, indeed.

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