a great day…

So today was GRANDPARENTS DAY at Sofia’s school.  Last night we had her spend the night and we went to dinner, came home to sew a pillow and blanket for her pink porcupine and showered then went to bed.  Of course we had to watch a little Spongebob Squarepants before we went to sleep.

This morning we got dressed and ready to go!!

Now before we went to school we had to watch “Toot and Puddle”.  I am not up to date on cartoons anymore (with the exception of Spongebob) so that is a cartoon about two pigs.  And I was told (with a sigh) that “Nani!!  Their friends name is Opal and the bird is Tulip!”  She was very exasperated with me.  If only I weren’t so old.

We arrived at school for a breakfast in the gymnasium..

My…..I had forgotten how……delicious?……cafeteria food tastes………Then we went to the classroom, briefly, to line up for chapel.

If you are a preschooler…..it is VERY VERY hard to sit still or whisper.  The little boy, next to Sofia and I, has a favorite word.  It is “poop”.  Sometimes we just use “poopy”…….LOUDLY.  So several times I had to lean over and say, “Joshua, we don’t say ‘poopy’ in God’s house.”  Of course this new discovery made the little girl in front of Joshua, turn and exclaim (again, loudly..) ‘THIS IS GOD’S HOUSE????”   Oh dear.  Yes, chapel is very hard, nowadays.

We finished with chapel and went back to the room for storytime.

All in all…..it was a GREAT grandparents day.  I wish everyday were grandparents day!!!

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