right where I’m supposed to be….

Don’t you just love when you know that you are right where you’re supposed to be?  It’s a peaceful feeling knowing that your life is in God’s loving hands.

For instance.  I went to Camelback Bible Church this morning eager to start a new Sunday School class.  And as usual, I was early.  I got to church, once again in the rain, and asked at the visitors center where room 205 was located.  I also noticed at the visitors center that there was donuts and coffee and they hadn’t yet been arranged on the trays so I decided that ‘early’ isn’t always a good thing.  I figured I could wait around until the donuts were placed within reach but I had distracted the lady and she wasn’t ready to serve them.  Darn.

To go back a bit in time, I had attended the Camelback Bible Church  when the kids were in junior high school and would take Clay with me and sit in the back of the church in case I needed to exit early. Sometimes I would sit in the library behind the sanctuary and would listen to the sermon over the loudspeaker.  I had met a woman there who was disabled and in a wheelchair named Diane and quickly made friends with her since Clay was also in a wheelchair.  And  I remember that she had a guide dog that wore a little blue vest that read “Don’t pet me..I’m working.”  I naturally was petting the dog when she politely asked me NOT to pet him …. because as the vest read…..HE WAS WORKING.  Oooops.  Once again, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

So now we’re in the present and I’m on the way to Rm. 205.  Once I found the room I went inside and noticed that no one was there and that this was their NEW library.  So I placed my bible and purse on one of the chairs and began looking at the titles of the books.  And there were a lot of books…..23 bookcases full.  So I’m slowly walking and looking at each shelf and wanting to grab each one and read it, and I looked down on one of the lower shelves and saw a book called, “You Gotta Keep Dancing”.  A teeny spark goes off in my little brain because the title seems familiar.  So I take the book and open it up.  Inside there is one of the envelopes that a library places inside so you can pull out the card and check out the book.  But you can see that the envelope has been glued on top of some writing.  And the writing reads, “Enjoy!  Love, Sandi Nieto”.  NOW……what are the odds that I would go into (by the way…the WRONG ROOM) and out of 23 bookcases, pull out ONE book and it would be FROM ME???  I believe it was God’s way of telling me that I was in the right place.  Sure, I found out later that I was in the wrong room…..and the wrong building……and that part is so NOT out of place because I am always lost….but here in this room is MY book.  I believe I had donated the book to my friend, Diane but I can’t be entirely sure.  She is no longer at the church but is a beautiful violinist and still plays for the Phoenix Symphony.

So I asked the teacher when he entered the room if this were the class that was studying the book, “Lies women believe and the Truth that sets them free”, and he said, “No.” Well of course it wasn’t.   I was taken to the right room and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and the ladies in the class.  Of course I still was thinking about God and His sense of humor and imagining Him whispering to me, “Are you listening to me?  I’m with you and you are in the right place..”

I’m a talker.  Sometimes it’s best not to talk and just to listen.  That’s when you can become intimate with someone and hear what they are trying to say to you.  He’s telling me to stop bouncing.  Find a place with Him and listen.  I’m in the right place and it feels good……

Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.”

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