Well…..who knew?  Turns out the little PJ was a lot easier to manage than first thought!!  Of course, I’m older….and much wiser, I’m sure.  After I dropped off the little cutie to the parents…..I was OFF LIKE A PROM DRESS!!!  (Ok, that wasn’t very nice….but it did offer a visual.)

That room magically transformed back to it’s original state………….CLEAN.  And there isn’t any apple juice on the floor that makes your tennis shoes stick when you walk through the kitchen.  My books are back on the shelf and the laundry is done.

Now what?  Well, today I’ve been lounging in bed all day.  I’m ready for a NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN!!!  Our new best buddies, Peg and Stu, are meeting us for dinner tonight (and I’m just sure that I won’t have to cut their food) and we get to wear fancy clothes!  I don’t have to wear sweats and tennis shoes (and I’m almost sure that I won’t have to chase either one of them around the restaurant).

So we are officially back to normal.  Although normal isn’t always as sweet as little 18 month old girls….

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