Boy o boy……nani is tired today!  PJ started out with crazy hair so I pinned it up for breakfast!

As you can see by the face…….that was about 3 seconds before the food on the tray was on the floor.  Then she tried looking adorable and it worked……I forgave….

So after we destroyed all the food on the tray it was time for bath!  Bathtime get’s EVERYONE involved wet.  It’s just how she rolls.

Finally….it was playtime and we played very, very hard.  My favorite has to be shoving toys down inside the toilet.  That is especially “funny”.  Right.

On a different note, I have decided I want to be a GREAT GRANDMOTHER.  No…..not that kind.  But a SUPER one.  I want Sofia and Paloma to look back on these years and say that we had fun doing things together and making things together.  Whenever Sofia (4) comes over she always says, “Nani, do you have something special for me today?”  Melting, I always nod because we will have coloring or baking cookies, or even making pizza’s on the agenda!  It doesn’t take much to make them smile.  A couple of months ago we made puppets from lunch sacks.  We had glue, construction paper and markers EVERYWHERE!!  It was so much fun.  During our outside time we always talk about creation.  I will tell them that God made the trees and the grass and the birds (and we could go on and on!).  Then we find things that God made and tape them to a piece of paper.  It’s not easy taping rocks on paper but we get it done.  I hope they remember.

I hope PJ remembers that on March 4th, 2010 when she screamed in her crib because she didn’t want to take a nap……..well, maybe she will remember that Nani stood over her crib singing and rubbing her head and back until she finally fell asleep.  I’ll remember.  Not only because of the kink in my back from hovering over that crib…but because of this:

Yes, I want to be a GREAT grandmother.  And I’m working on it……….

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