Ok…it’s NAPTIME!!  Today I received the “package: aka PJ” at 8am sharp.  She had food all over her face and wild hair so mom put her in the bath for a quick hose-down.  I grabbed her, threw her in the car and off we went!

Hair is still a bit wet and the brush was no where to be found but that’s okay!  There were no tears and that was the goal.  Once we got home…..

Our mission was to seek and destroy.  It was accomplished immediately.  Then you would have thought I had found a cure for cancer…..not quite….but almost as good….

That lasted all of 3 minutes.  Oh well……this afternoon our mission is called: operation wear-her-out.  We are taking our assignment very seriously.  There will possibly be a zoo involved and LOTS of walking.  She doesn’t like sleeping here because there is SOOOO many toys and why in the world would someone in their right mind want to sleep when there are all these playthings everywhere??  So….we’re hoping if we exhaust her she will drop like a hot potato.

Otherwise we will be driving to her house and putting her to sleep there……which by the way she loves……so we’ll just see.

Ok, nap=time has turned to sing-time and she is quite loud so I must go.

Wish me luck…………..

One thought on “shhhh!!!

  1. Peggy Stewart

    I think this is more than equal to a work-out. I’ll tell Mikey
    you are getting plenty of exercise and he should count it as one work-out when you get back. You can do this cause she
    is sooooo cute.


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