Wed. is coming..

It’s only Monday and Wednesday is almost here.  It’s not an ordinary Wednesday, mind you.  Wednesday is going to open up a lot of challenges.  Wednesday our house will possibly implode.  Wednesday we get the 18 month old granddaughter, PJ, for three whole days and two whole nights.  I was thinking about removing all the furniture and just placing mattresses and bubble wrap in strategic locations.  But she is a crafty child.

This is what her room looks like (in our house) today……

Tomorrow I will take another picture of her well manicured room.  Then on Wednesday…..THE day…..I will take another.  I’m scared.
This is a child that can charm you with her smile.  And then this same child will suddenly disappear right before your eyes and you will hear her downstairs in the kitchen…’s a frightening sound and she has ferret like reflexes.
Wednesday is coming.  I must prepare myself.  I will probably need to carbo load.  (it’s so wonderful to have an excuse to eat carbs).  PJ doesn’t have much of a vocabulary yet.  She can clearly say, ‘dada, mama, papa and nana’ but if wants to say anything else it comes out in the form of a highly pitched screech.  Her scream is just one octave short of the audible threshold of pain.  She will look right at you and open that little mouth and out will come the piercing shriek.  And she has selective hearing.  You can call her 30 times and occasionally she will turn to look at you or more often than not, she will ignore you.
So today I will stock up on finger foods, move anything that is at the 2 foot level and will just hope and pray that I’m in the best shape possible.
She’s coming……it won’t be long now…..

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